Twenty-21 In Photographs: Most striking photographs I captured.

George Koranteng
4 min readDec 29, 2021
It’s a new year. Community members in Weija have gathered to celebrate. A woman poses with a cup of coke in her hands. January 2021.

As 2021 comes to an end, and I have selected some of the most striking photos I took across various regions I visited. The ones that make the final cut can be striking in composition or relatable. My photographs draw attention to real-life socio-political situations or moments that happened in the year.

At the end of this blog, I hope that you will be able to make connections with these photographs. I hope you will be able to feel every emotion in each photograph by imagining yourself as the subject. You could only achieve this by watching closely and paying attention to every detail; The mood and setting of each photo.

We are human beings with desires, tragedies, joy, laughter…There is much more than what separates us.

For me, what is important is that when photography catches the heart of someone, it changes their eye; it changes what they see, and how they see. I’ve watched people wake up to a bigger, richer world when their photographic vision is awakened. When people see more, they also appreciate better, they care and respect more because they value the things they photograph. You can care only for the things that you can see. Photography can help make the world a better place. And that’s worth working at. — Tom Ang

Horse riders at Krokrobite beach use their horses for commercial gains . Two boys are seen abusing their horses as one of the horses struggles for his life. February 2021.
It’s the weekend before February 14. A couple decide to create memories at the beach. They hug affectionately as the man holds her closer to his body. February, 2021.
Fatahiya reacts after she misses a chance to score a goal in a FIFA match against Phanaelle. March 2021.
Fatahiya and her sister have to come to take the first jab of the COVID-19 vaccine. They sit anxiously waiting for their turn to be vaccinated. March, 2021.
Hajara tells me how her mother calls every single day to pray with her and share bible quotations as she prepares to deliver her first child. March, 2021.
An abandoned CHIPS compound which serves an entire community in the Kpandai District. Many have to walk several kilometers away from their community to access basic healthcare. April,2021.
Curmiah dances her joy out as an expectant mother. April,2021.
A couple hug affectionately as they dance on their wedding ceremony. May, 2021.
Kaneshie floods after a heavy downpour. A man on bicycle figures out a way to reach his destination. June,2021.
Angel has graduated from Law School. Her mother shows affection for her daughter as she makes touches on her hair before having her professional graduation photoshoot. July, 2021.
Thousands of Ghanaian youths finally embark on a long awaited #FixTheCountry Protest which was delayed due to imposed restrictions on public gatherings. August, 2021.
The sun sets over the Atlantic ocean and neighboring communities. September, 2021.
Warriors lead the procession of chiefs during the Homowo Festival in Jamestown. October, 2021.
Vice President of Ghana arrives at the African Youth Connekt Summit in Accra. October, 2021.
The National Association of Law Students (NALS) hit the streets of Accra to demonstrate over the Ghana School of Law entrance exams failures. October, 2021
A tourist pays 10ghc for a horse ride. A caretaker carries the tourist unto a horse and takes her around the beach. November, 2021.
Family men carry their grandmother’s coffin for burial. November, 2021.
Katamanto is Ghana’s largest second-hand clothing market. Whilst buyers make their random selection of clothes, vendors also make payment to business moguls for bales of clothes. December, 2021.
The Ankos Festival is a street carnival celebrated every Christmas in Takoradi. Groups of masquerades dress in fancy dresses and showcase their arts through dance. It is usually accompanied with loud band music. December, 2021.

All photographs are copyright reserved. ©George Koranteng , 2021.