Becoming an adult

George Koranteng
2 min readFeb 23, 2022


Preparing for a NUPS-G donation to the Akropong School of the Blind with Aburi Girls. Presec-Legon campus, 2014.

This was my morning reflection.

Today, traffic between Weija junction and Mallam junction did more good than harm because I had more time to reflect deeper.

So I saw this on Edith Asamani’s WhatsApp status about a year ago. And it said (paraphrasing), “ Dear God, when people were rushing to grow up I was not part of them oo, so please soften my adulthood.”

This statement got me, and I thought about how my parents would have a tailor take my measurement for Christmas attire, buy my Christmas shoes, or have been so concerned about my academics and be willing to do what it takes to pay my fees. Well, maybe I was privileged to have parents who could provide for my basic needs because I know this is not the story of everyone.

Last year, I passed a comment at home and I was like “I haven’t seen Christmas shoes ooo. Cos I need to look sharp for 25th.” My mum laughed and said, “Hw3 no! seesei ara wony3 abofra oo, w’ayin.” Meaning, “You are an adult now, you are no more a child.”

Dear “20-somethings”, I’m here to encourage you that you have what it takes to walk this life. Our childhood was an illusion of what the real world looked like. But now we’ve grown and know the realities of this life. We’ve not seen it all yet but at least, we know how sour life could taste sometimes when that gentleman or lady broke your heart and you didn’t eat for days or have your friend backbite or finding a job after school or battling with that little secret of yours or even figuring out what exactly you want to do with your life. When I started complaining to Rev. Helena M. Hooper, she said softly, “This is what makes life tickle my son.”

Maybe, these are the realities of life so take life easy. Take it one step at a time. You will catch a break. You will find love. You will get employed. You will start that business or further your education. You will surely figure it out but it never gets easy.

Esi J. Aniwa shot this photograph. November, 2021.



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