Òrun Móoru

George Koranteng
2 min readSep 22, 2020


Abraham Dubatey. Makola, Accra. Photo:©George Koranteng, 2020.

“Òrun Móoru” is Yoruba which means ‘Heaven is heated’. “Òrun Móoru” is also a Nigerian proverb which means something is about to happen, usually something bad. The Title of this story is inspired by the Nigerian artist Brymo. The story of Abraham Dubatey, a 7-year-old boy I met in the city of Accra, is one that got me thinking about the imbalance of this world.

His mother explained she travels from Ada to Accra with her son to sell “Adodi” (A type of fish in Ghanaian local dialect) and goes back home for more when she runs out. Abraham recently started schooling at age 7 but COVID-19 has disrupted his education. He barely understands and speaks English and is only fluent in his local dialect Ga-Adamgbe. He has been home for close to 7 months.

Watch how this slowly unveils through the eyes of Abraham Dubatey in this short film.

Excerpt Photographs of Abraham Dubatey